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Medical translation

     İn  our country to the great development of the medical field in our country and the opportunity to easily communicate with many countries of the world, medical translations have increased to a great extent. Making medical translations requires extreme attention and requires some experience in medical terminology.

Especially since it is a topic related to human health, even the smallest mistake that can be made in medical translations can create unfavorable situations. Realizing this importance of medical translations, Tesla medical translation center, we provide services for complete and careful execution of all your medical translations with the help of our translators who are well versed in medical terminology and experts. in foreign languages. Our translators, specialized in medical translation, complete your translations as soon as possible with the advice of professionals in this field, if necessary.


Medical Translation Center for all your Medical Translations

As a Tesla translation center, we take your medical translations very seriously, perhaps the most difficult in the field of translation, and never accept mistakes. Our translators, specialized in medical translation and providing services only in this field, perform all your medical translations flawlessly with their perfect knowledge of medical terminology and foreign languages. Once your translations are complete, they are checked by another translator who is also an expert in medical translation and delivered to you after making sure that no mistakes have been made.

You can easily use the services of our medical translation center, you can deliver all kinds of medical texts to us for careful translation. One of the most important points in medical translation is that the translation has a language that can be easily understood by everyone. In order for texts to be translated in a comprehensible manner, the translator must have a strong command of the target language and be able to successfully reinterpret the original text using the language well. All our translators working at the Tesla translation center are fluent in all the languages they translate and are extremely successful in translating. You can easily trust our experienced and professional team. You can contact the Tesla translation center on our phone numbers (055 245 83 05).

Points to Consider When Translating Medically

Among professional translations, medical translation is the most important. Because medical translation contains very sensitive information and is directly related to the health of living beings. Therefore, there is no room for even the smallest mistake. The consequences of one mistake can be huge. As a result of all this, it is necessary to work very sensitively, to study the smallest detail very carefully when doing medical translation.

Things to consider when doing medical translation can be listed as follows;

  • The purpose and content of the text or product to be translated must be well understood.

  • Medical translators should conduct detailed research on the content to be translated.

  • In these contexts, where medical terms are often used, the translator must have a good grasp of these concepts.

  • When Latin terms are used frequently, these contents should use the Latin terms in the same way, not change them according to the target language.

These issues should be considered during medical translation. These translations, which will affect human and animal health, should include medical terms and concepts, technical words such as Latin terms. Therefore, medical translation should not be undertaken without a good understanding or thorough research of these concepts.

In addition, medical terms have their own terminology. Therefore, people experienced in this field should translate and it should be error-free.

Types of medical translation

There are also the following types of medical translation that require error-free translation.

These species;

  • Doctor's recommendations

  • Analysis results

  • Recipes

  • Medical reviews

  • Medical patents and user manuals for medical devices

  • Epicrisis reports

is recorded as In addition to these types, medical translation projects, scientific works and medical articles are also included in the types of medical translation. In medical translations and translations for therapeutic purposes, the content must be correct and understandable.

Thanks to the translations made in the field of medicine, the translation of drug licenses, clinical studies and disease reports according to the purpose of the translation reveals how important the medical translation service is in terms of health.

Features of Medical Translation

Medical translation features can be listed as follows;

  • The translator must be familiar with medical terms

  • There is no room for mistakes and misunderstandings in these translations used in the medical field.

  • Types of medical translation and these types have their own characteristics. The translator must master these features.

  • It is not enough for a translator who translates in this field to have knowledge only in the field of medicine. He must follow what is happening in the field of health care and constantly develop.

Even after the translation is completed, the translator must follow the progress of the article and update the translation if there is a change.


Medical Translation Prices

Medical translation is different from other translation methods. That's why the price is different. Preliminary preparation should be done to determine the medical translation prices. Therefore, you should apply to the place where you will do the translation.

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