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Our services

Read on to learn more about the translation services we offer  contact us.

Technical translation

Name given to translations that require technical or engineering experience. In our ever-evolving world, the flow of technology and information is of great importance.

Medical translation

In the world of medicine, quality translation is a must. Because the main point is human health.

Tesla Translation Center provides medical translation services to hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and researchers.

Legal translation

What is Legal Translation?
In order to gain or lose your rights in the countries you are visiting, you must provide the legal authorities with the documents with a perfect legal translation.

Site translation

One  The translation of the site allows you to reach thousands of new visitors and online potential customers. Presenting your products or services to an international audience provides significant growth potential for your business.

Translation of books

Tesla Translation  Welcome to the book translation service! Books in English, Turkish, Russian  translation  In addition, Tesla Translation Center has a professional book translation team with translation services in more than sixty languages such as German, French and Spanish.  and completed state-commissioned book translation projects. 

Academic translation

Academic translation  is a completely hassle-free and professional translation for academics, researchers, students, universities or companies with branches with their own terminology. 

Our advantages

1. Calculate the cost and time of translation in just 10 minutes.

Want to know more?

Our mission as a Tesla Translation Center is very clear:  to provide quality service to our customers.

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