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Translation prices

What is taken into account when calculating translation prices? The original language of the translation project is the source language, and the language in which the project will be translated is called the translation language. Projects to be translated in Azerbaijan are calculated based on the number of words and the unit price is determined in one word. Depending on the process to be performed, some files may be calculated based on the number of pages. The translation group is defined according to the language and terminology of the file. When calculating the number of words in translation projects; First of all, the document to be translated is opened in Word format. In the Word document, click View or Tools. After clicking on the Word Count section in the drop-down menu, the number of words in the newly opened window is displayed. Based on the project terminology and the work to be done, the number of blank words is divided into 300 and multiplied by a single unit. The result obtained shows the translation value of the file. We offer you and your company the most accurate and reliable translation services professionally. Advertising translation Technical translation Website translation Academic Translation Literary Translation Creative Translation Commercial Translation Simultaneous translation Sequential translation Patent Translation Medical document translation

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